Bob Carty Desert Eyes


We gather in this space, we walk into this time
Pulled out of our lives, to share the bread and wine
We all come bearing burdens, scars upon our soul
We all come searching, hoping
- yearning to be whole.

And so we sing, hearts in harmony
And then we share, the myst’ry of community
We pray for all the earth
– we come as wounded healers
Holding up the struggles that we face
We go forth with the strength of each embrace
In this space.
This is not a space where we come to be a-part
To hide within ourselves, to turn off mind or heart
But this can be a space filled with silence
or with songs
Where we kindle work for justice, and where everyone belongs.

We go forth with the strength of God’s embrace
From this space.

Bob (lead and harmony vocals, guitars, percussion), James (bass, harmonies), Darrell (piano, drum kit), Linsey Wellman (flute)


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