Bob Carty Desert Eyes
What others are saying about Desert Eyes:

"These are lean, desert-like times, and there is a need to both accept its desolation and see the seeds of new growth which need to be nourished. Bob has captured the songs which speak clearly to both dimensions of our time."
     - Sr. Rosalie Bertell

The great upsurge of social movements marking the last 5 decades has inspired new spiritualities, new music, and new politics around the world. Bob has long been contributing to them with this profoundly moving lyrics, guitar and voice, and wonderful ability to get others to sing along. What a gift in challenging times of great transition - deep spirituality, politics of vision, and great music!" 
    - Lee Cormie, Professor of Theology, Toronto

"Bob’s music brings home the reality of what it means to be people of 
faith in a world that needs new eyes and new determination to choose,
support and foster life. It is music that awakens deep awareness of
Earth’s needs, that invites us into new ways of seeing, being and doing."

Norma McCoy, CND

"I have always felt that Bob’s music has something to say and should be
out there. These times are inviting and needing such music."
   - Fr. Paul Hansen, Chair of Kairos


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