Bob Carty Desert Eyes


Walk with me sister, take my hand
Come with me brother to the promised land
So many miles to go, ‘till we get home

They will try to mislead us,
saying things are just fine
They’ll get a little better, just give it some time
But the oceans are poisoned,
the skies have turned gray
We have ravaged creation, lost our way

There are tanks in the desert – promising peace
Prophets of consumption saying ‘come to the feast’
Their chorus is loud and they claim it’s for all
But you can’t hear the voices
of the weak and the small

Who do you care for - who do you please
What do you bend before
When do you kneel?

A home built on justice, bless it with peace
If not, turn away, shake the dust off your feet
We travel, we journey, to seek a rebirth
To build a new heaven, to care for the earth

Bob (lead vocal, guitars), Paula (harmony), Darrell (harmony, baritone guitar and bass), Rob (percussion), James (mandolin)


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