Bob Carty Desert Eyes

We are a people alone in the desert
Spirits so parched, voices so dry
Lost in our footsteps, empty and fearful
We haven’t found desert eyes
Eyes that see flowers bloom without water
Wisdom in pebbles and sand
Eyes that see beauty out in the barren
Eyes that know life never ends.

    We will walk with desert eyes

We live in a time so dry and forsaken
Empty of joy, full of such greed
We live in a world, shattered and shaken
Empty of hope, full of such need
There is evil amongst us, around and about us
Anger and hate in the air
So much we could wish to return to the comfort
But we’re drawn to the life  the desert lays bare.
Embracing a God who embraces the homeless
We reach for the cup we can share
Trusting the hand of a sister and brother
We work for a world that is fair
We were looking for water, thirsting for water
Wandering so far from home
Then you revealed - we are the water
Prophets of futures unknown.

    We will walk with desert eyes

Under the rocks, in the cracks and the shadows
There’s lichen and flowers and seed
The desert lives on, and so do its people
The Spirit still blows us to Thee

Bob (lead vocal, guitar), the Adult Choir, Bill Lamont (piano, organ), Darrell O’Dea (bass),
Margot Lange (violin), Rob Graves (percussion), Tom Juravich and Teresa Healy (backing vocals)



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