Bob Carty Desert Eyes


Let justice roll, like a mighty river
A-movin’ fast, down to the sea
It will erode, all our foundations
Touch every heart, and every nation
Let justice roll, like a mighty river
For you and me, let justice roll

And those who live, by rule of power
Will find their swords, turned into ploughs
And all the rich, they shall be humbled
When all the poor, reclaim the earth

And those who pass, by those who hunger
Those who pass, by those who hurt
Will find their prayers lost in the heavens
For the Kingdom’s born upon the earth

And the victims of some blind repression
By those who fear, new thoughts and visions
They shall not die and be forgotten
They’re a living stream that makes justice roll

Bob (lead vocal, guitar, banjo), Paula and Michael Carty (harmonies), Lorraine Fontaine (background vocal), Bill (piano, keyboard), Darrell, (bass), James (5-string violin), Rob (drums)

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