Bob Carty Desert Eyes

A liturgical setting featuring Michael Carty (lead vocals, except Alleluia – Bob) and Lorraine
Fontaine (harmonies), with thanks to sound engineer Gaetan Essiambre in Montreal.

1.    Glory to God, Peace on the Earth

Glory to God, Peace on the Earth
Glory to God, Peace on Earth

We give you thanks and praise and glory
Lamb of God - hear our plea
You take away our sin – You are the Holy One
We are your children and channels of your peace.

You give us faith and hope in justice
Spirit and Son and Creator most High.
We sin, we fall, You hear our call
The fullness of your glory is when fully we’re alive.

2.    Alleluia

3.    Hosanna

Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord God of Power – God of Migh
Heaven and Earth are filled with your Glory
Hosanna, Hosanna on high.
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of God
Hosanna, Hosanna on high.

4.    Acclamation – Christ has Died

Christ has died, Christ is Risen
Christ will come again

5.    Amen

6.    Lamb of God, Bread of Peace

O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God
You take away the sins of the world
Have mercy on us.

(Vs. 2) O Bread of peace … Grant us your peace.


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