Bob Carty Desert Eyes


Sometimes I sing of highways,
sometimes I sing of home
Sometimes ‘bout where I’ve been to,
sometimes ‘bout where I’m goin’
But I’ve never known a better song
than the one about today
A chance to let your thinkin’ stop
and let your fingers play

This one is a song for the singin’
And yesterday is far enough away
Too many things to worry about tomorrow
So let me sing a song about today

And I know my life is busy,
sometimes a bit of hell
When I look out at a sunset,
and cannot find myself
And my soul feels like winter,
in this country where we live
Then I need some time to think about the whys,
the hows, the ifs.

And when my son comes up to me,
sometimes I feel small
When he wants to know the answers,
the reasons for it all,
I have lots of things to tell him,
but of tomorrows I don’t know
Will there be another war sometime,
and will he have to go?

So let the wind caress your aching,
let the rain fall on your brow
Life’s too short for worrying,
but long enough for now.
I’m gonna take some time to count the clouds
and touch the sun
If there’s a time for every season,
there’s a song for everyone

Bob (lead vocal, guitar, banjo), Paula and Michael (harmonies), James (bass and accordion), Rob (drums and percussion)


bobcarty.ca © 2015